The Aka Capital team takes an active approach in investee companies and, where necessary, is able to offer full-time executive involvement to strengthen the management of investee companies. The team currently manages investments in the following companies:

Capital Appreciation

Capital Appreciation is a financial technology company focused on investing in, and growing, businesses that deliver compelling, innovative and disruptive solutions to financial institutions and other clients, allowing them to develop and introduce new products, deliver value to their customers, improve efficiency and control, and eliminate unnecessary operating costs.

Ceramic Industries

Ceramic Industries and its subsidiaries are principally engaged in the manufacture of ceramic sanitaryware and floor and wall tiles. The group is the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in South Africa as well as a major manufacturer of sanitaryware in both the wholesale and retail areas. The group has factories in South Africa and one tile factory in Australia. Following upon the Competition Tribunal's approval, in August 2017, of the merger between Ceramic Industries and Italtile Limited ("Italtile"), Ceramic Industries became a subsidiary of Italtile, and the investment in Ceramic Industries is now indirect, via Italtile (the stake in Ceramic Industries was exchanged for a mixture of Italtile shares and cash).


Corobrik is South Africa's largest brick manufacturer. It is the largest distributor and marketer of clay bricks, clay pavers and associated building products in South Africa, with the logistic capability of delivering 5 million products per working day.


Italtile is South Africa's leading retailer of imported and local ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitaryware, bathroom accessories and other related products. Additionally, following upon the Competition Tribunal's approval, in August 2017, Italtile became, via a merger, the holding company of Ceramic Industries, the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in South Africa as well as a major manufacturer of sanitaryware, with factories in South Africa and a tile factory in Australia. Aka Capital partially underwrote the R1.59 billion Italtile rights offer that closed on 24 November 2017.


Nampak is Africa’s leading diversified packaging manufacturer.

NPC Cimpor

An investment in a subsidiary of Natal Portland Cement (NPC) (ultimately a subsidiary of Huaxin Cement), supplying quality aggregates and concrete products. It also supplies high grade limestone to the cement industry.


Aka Capital and its investment partners sold Protea Hotels to Marriott International, a leading US hospitality group, for R2.02 billion, via a transaction concluded in April 2014. The sale excluded ownership of a number of Protea-managed hotel properties, housed in Platinum Hospitality Holdings, which Aka Capital and its investment partners remain invested in, with long-term management and lease agreements with Marriott International.


Rosema/Era Bricks is a clay brick manufacturer that produces high quality face bricks and semi-face bricks that are sold nationwide but predominantly in the Gauteng market.


The investment in Sasol Oil is via Tshwarisano, a broad-based consortium that holds a 25% equity interest in Sasol Oil. Sasol Oil, a subsidiary of Sasol Limited (“Sasol”), is responsible for Sasol's crude refining activities and for the marketing of Sasol's liquid and gaseous fuel (excluding pipeline gas) and lubricants.